Farm Fresh Foods throughout Florida

Pick up Guidelines

How This All Began:

I started pickups as a way to pay for the long drive of my farm apprenticeship.  As I became aware of the amazing work the farmer  was doing I wanted to share this with everyone.  I saw first-hand the amount of thought, work, and money they put in to ensure their soil was well cared for.

Over and over again they stressed the importance of feeding the soil with naturally-derived minerals and compost.  This was in direct contrast to industrial agriculture which focuses on a very narrow set of nutrients and uses harsh and very dangerous chemicals. Soil fertility is key and this I came to understand: if it’s not in the soil…it’s not in you.  I also saw how expensive it was to farm in this natural way. I saw the bill myself for the natural rock powders and other products the farmers used to increase the soil fertility.  They truly spare no expense.

We also saw the legal/regulatory side of “Big Ag” in this country.  Full Circle Farm was raided in 2004 and only after national attention and the outrage from our customers, were they left alone.  These foods are difficult to get, expensive to produce, and marginalized by legal constraints.  So why go through all the effort?!  Simply because we have a right to choose the food we eat.  We choose to avoid the inhumane farming practices. We want food that has real flavor and, more importantly, we want food that gives us life.

This is why I do what I do.

Pick-up Guidelines:

In order to ensure a smooth operation the following rules apply:

1. Order Deadline is Sat Night(Midnight):

Please get me your order via the WEBSITE before this deadline.

This ensures that I place your order to the farms promptly.

I send reminders via e-mail one week prior to pick up day.

2. Handling Fees:

There is a fee  added to all orders to compensate me for the ice, gas, website maintenance, not to mention the time and effort in driving around sourcing these food.
Orders totals                     Fee
$1 to $26—————-$6( For those that want to try a few items)
$26 to $100————–$15
$101 to $150————-$20
$151 to $200————-$25
$201 and over ———–$30

3. You are able to select your times during the checkout process.

Altamonte Springs: Wednesday’s 3:00 p.m. to 6:3opm or

Altamonte Springs: Thursday 10am to 1pm

East Orlando (Leaves and Roots) 10am-7pm.

Downtown Orlando Thursday’s from 6-7pm.

Windermere pick ups are on Thursday’s from 6-7pm.

Kissimmee Thursday’s from 3:30-4pm

Winter Garden Friday’s from 12 to 1pm.

4. Please make checks out to Steve Moreau