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Written by Kenda Roberstson and Steve Moreau

Eggs are a nutrient powerhouse!  Better yet eggs from hens allowed to roam far and wide.  These types of eggs of course are becoming more available to us in the Orlando metro area.  As the demand increases so will the supply.  There is of course confusion with the terms so I below I wanted to give you some definitions:

Cage-Free: The idea here is that hens are allowed to move about unrestricted. However  this usually means that hundreds if not thousands of birds inside a building with artificial lights.  They can be feed the same genetically modified feed.  The same goes for organics cage free  except they get organic feed.   Hens should be out on grass, in natural sunlight, fighting for the bugs and other insects. Such an operation can happen here in Orlando with our sunshine year round.

Free-Range: This term is similar to the one above and the one most of us see in the local grocery store.  Like cage free, the USDA has no rules on what can be considered free-range or not.  It is presumed that free-range hens are allowed to roam outside, but that simply is a small fenced in area.  Again for truly free- range eggs seek out local farmers.

Pastured:  The is a very recent term and means the hens are allowed outside and forage on green grass, bugs  and supplemented with some feed.  The biggest dangers here are predators and farmers are always on the look out for them.  In the Florida sunshine these make some of the most nutrient dense foods available.

Farm eggs nutrients:

These are the nutrients  found in truly pastured eggs: Vitamin’s A,D and especially rich in the B vitamin choline.  The phyto-nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin have been found to be essential to prevent macular degeneration.  Finally, pastured eggs are excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.

So remember in Orlando your local farmer is the bet source for local farm fresh eggs.

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