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Eat More Bacon!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Most of the health concerns associated with eating pork are based on factory farming practices. You should always be cautious of where your meat and dairy products are coming from, whether its pork, beef, or chicken, eggs, milk or cheese. Besides the rampant use of hormones, fillers, and substandard feed, these animals are subject to inhumane conditions, promoting the risk of disease and infection.

By choosing your meat and dairy from superior sources, such as small, local farms that practice safe and humane farming methods, you are giving your family a healthier option that’s better for you, the earth, and your karma.

The research warning us against the likes of bacon and other pork products has long been written off as pseudo-science, failing to account for other lifestyle and dietary variables like consumption of white bread, cigarette smoking, and exercise habits.

Bacon, and other animal fats, when raised on pastured farms and properly sourced, provide a host of nutrients and benefits. Bacon is primarily comprised of monounsaturated fat, mostly oleic acid – this is exactly what makes olive oil one of the most coveted of the oils (unheated, of course). Furthermore, bacon contains palmitoleic acid which is notable for its antimicrobial properties. Bacon is also a stable fat, meaning it can be heated without causing the extreme rancidity associated with heating canola, vegetable, and other oils.

The big health topics we keep hearing about are free radicals, inflammation, and antioxidants. Pork fat is rich with phosphatidylcholine which has a superior antioxidant content – even when compared to even Vitamin E. What’s more, when bacon fat is sourced from pastured pigs it also provides us with the much needed fat-soluble vitamin D – which comes directly from the pigs being free to roam around in the sun. P.S. The majority of us are deficient in Vitamin D, a vital nutrient for bone health, mood, and more. Factory farmed animals are crammed indoors, living basically on top of each other, while being fed hormones, chemicals and fillers via the likes of soy, corn meal and other grains. Their nutritional content is far inferior, not to mention the grossly inhumane living conditions.

Need another reason to eat more pastured bacon? It’s delicious!! Add it to some pastured beef and cheese for a tasty burger, enjoy it cut up with your favorite vegetable, or make a smiley face with some pastured eggs for a fun and yummy start to your day.

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