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Eating grass-fed like our ancestors.

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Written by Kenda Roberstson and Steve Moreau

What did our ancestors really eat? Whether we live in modern Orlando or ancient Florida, we still need the nutrients only grass fed beef, raw milk and other farm fresh foods can provide.

We know that ancient man did not cook spaghetti and meatballs, order pizza delivery or pick up large fries through a drive-through, but exactly what made up the caveman’s cuisine?

What we do know about our Paleolithic forbearers diet comes from the study of animal bones, and early hunting and eating utensils. Although there are varying opinions on what these ancient people consumed, many researchers believe that early man lived on a diet that contained large amounts of fat, particularly saturated fats from animals.

A collection of essays, “Ice Age Hunters of the Rocky Mountains,” reports that hunter-gatherers of the North American continent ate fatty meats from animals such as mammoth, camel, sloth, bison, mountain sheep, beaver, elk, and llama. They may also have consumed milk from some of these animals.

While Paleolithic sites have reveled plant food remains of seeds, berries, roots, nuts, leaves and bulbs, the amount of plant food in the caveman diet varied according to the climate and locality. For example, there were few plant foods in the diets of those in arctic climates, but in tropical regions, palm nuts and coconuts provided large quantities of saturated fats. Seafood in coastal regions would also have provided fat for primitive man, particularly omega-3 fatty acids.

Primitive people didn’t neglect their sweet tooth either. Many tribes ate a lot of honey. East coast American Indians consumed generous amounts of maple syrup. The Eskimo’s made fermented foods they described as tasting “as sweet as candy.”

Though we don’t know exactly what ancient people’s diet consisted of, we do know that fat played an important role in keeping them strong, healthy and alert. While we don’t have access to many of the foods of our ancient ancestors, we can still maintain more “natural” diets by including raw milk and cheese, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and chicken, organic produce among the foods we eat.  We can have the best of the modern world but our bodies are still on Paleolithic time.


Monday, June 29th, 2009

Written by Kenda Roberstson and Steve Moreau

This video speaks loud and clear. So much of our processed foods have these artificial flavors to imitate the taste of real foods. So have a savory grass fed steak with an array of organic vegetables. Stick with real food, bought from your local farmer.

E.coli Beef Recall! ( 8th this year)

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Written by Kenda Roberstson and Steve Moreau

Looks like the nation has just identified the 8th beef recall of 2009. The recall involved E. coli O157:H7 and is just the latest in a string of incidents. E. coli O157:H7 was first recognized as a cause of illness in 1982 and today accounts for the majority of food borne illnesses.

Studies have shown that grass-fed cattle are less prone to developing this deadly strain of E. coli. here is the link for more info:  All the  more reason to buy direct from local farmers who grow grass fed beef,  raw milk and free range eggs.  It should come as no surprise that cattle on the typical grain feedlot are the major source of this problem.  A predominant grain diet has negative effects on the cattle’s  digestive tract and makes them prone to developing this strain of E.coli.

Instead of the draconian National Animal Identification System( how about animal feed reform and changing the feedlot  system.  Better yet find a local farmer who does  grass-fed beef and ask to visit the farm and ask about their feeding program, and do they use hormone implants?  Remember grass is the natural diet for cattle.

Chipotle: Serving Real Rood

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Written by Kenda Roberstson and Steve Moreau

I love Chipotle for their commitment to serving high quality beef, chicken and pork. They make a point to source from as many local producers as possible. I think that in the future they will have all grass-fed beef, and source from all small farms.

Raw milk truth straight from one of Florida’s finest producers.

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Written by Kenda Roberstson and Steve Moreau

Bubba as he is known is one of the small farmers that we get our milk from.  The drive is 3 hours but worth every cent.  In the video above Bubba explains his farming practices.  He has seen a great demand for grass fed raw milk, organic eggs and other farm fresh foods.  We are very fortunate to get his foods here in Orlando.